Ensambles Eléctricos del Desierto

Welcome to Desert Electrical Manufactures

We are a company located in Northern Mexico, leading in the electrical products manufacturing and assembly industry. All our operations are done by our highly-qualified team, who are continuously looking to exceed the expectations of our customers. Under the direction of our management team, we seek quality and efficiency throughout our process. Allowing us to be leaders in our field and bring you the best product possible. We invite you to explore our site and see what we are all about.


Desert Electrical Manufactures is comprised of a team of highly qualified employees performing assembly operations in an efficient manner. With our employees under the direction of our exceptional management team, we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, and produce high quality finished goods.


All our operations are constructed with safety, structure, and efficiency throughout. Our team continuously looks to improve, which allow us to be a leader in the electrical products manufacturing and assembly industry.



Our staff is comprised of highly qualified employees, operators, engineers and our management team all willing to position our company to produce the best product at an efficient manner. We seek continuous improvement and exceeding our customer’s expectations.


To continue to have an effective work environment. We require all our work areas to be safe and clean. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure our teams safety. This allows our team to work without distractions, producing the best product.